Bjorn Consulting Group

Bjorn Consulting Group is a process design and improvement consultancy located in Phoenix, Arizona. BCG works with businesses to get better at what they do. Our services range from Research & Design to Implementation & Auditing. The difference we offer is in the relationship. We do not give advice without action. We do not exist on ‘after work’. We want to partner with you and your teams to find the best opportunity and get it installed and integreated into your business. We see that as different because we have had experience with great ‘advice givers’ that impart wisdom based on businesses like yours and leave you with generic ideas that are unworkable.

  • We project manage our own engagements from specification to operationalization.
  • We want to know you.
  • We want to understand your goals.
  • We want to hear what you think your opportunities are.
  • We want to help you decide which ones to tackle and tackle them with you.
  • We want to be on your team.
  • We want to leave you with a win.
  • We want you to call us when you see a new opportunity and not because you’re still playing the last game.

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